Blender and Flamenco on Azure

The purpose of this project is to provide an easy-to-deploy Flamenco manager/worker environment that can be plugged into Blender Cloud. Referencing the architecture diagram here Flamenco architecture, this project covers the "remote farm" component.

The first stage of the release is a render VM with Flamenco worker and Blender pre-installed. Following that will be an Azure template in GitHub and a Flamenco manager VM in the Azure marketplace. Once all the components are published and availalbe, anyone with a Blender Cloud account could quickly deploy a remote farm into azure, feed configuration settings to the manager VM, and be ready to submit jobs. Tutorials on deployment and operation will be posted here. Images in the marketplace will be updated to keep up with major releases of Blender and Flamenco. Additional features will be rolled out to make the environment easier to deal with like taking advantage of the Shaman File Server on manager, or using Azure storage.

Just releasing for Windows at the moment.

  • Deployment template with all components
  • Evaluation template usable within the core limits of a free Azure trial subscription